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From: Manoo Urs <updates@trackle.com>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 19:58:27 -0700
Subject: Trackle transitions to subscription-based model
To: islammus@gmail.com

Dear Trackle user,

Since Trackle's launch over a year ago, we have provided a wide range
of items to track - from shopping bargains to travel alerts to job
openings to book releases and hundreds more. We recently launched
Trackle Premium for professionals to track companies, people, products
and topics. In order to provide you the information - pure and simple
- we avoided cluttering the results with advertisements. We,
therefore, are transitioning to a subscription-based model starting
June 1, 2010. Subscription rates start at $1.99/month and allow you to
track most consumer items and up to a fixed number of premium items. I
am sure you will find the services well worth these introductory rates
and it will also allow us to continue providing you quality results in
a timely and uncluttered manner - and we'll give you the first two
months free.

In order to subscribe, click here.

Manoo Urs
VP Products, trackle.com

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