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help ..........
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Hello Rizky Muhammad Faisal,
Dear Rizky Muhammad Faisal,

Assalam o Alikum,

20 Millions Muslims (Women, Children, Old and Young) have lost
EVERYTHING. They are in dire need of help even to survive daily. They have
left nothing.
Their homes destroyed, their livelihoods destroyed, they dislocated
from their neighbourhoods with only what was on their bodies when the
Over 6 Million still stranded and in threat of immediate
DEATH if they don&#8217;t receive food aid soon (UN)
&#8226; Over 3.5 Million Children at risk of DEATH from deadly
water-borne diseases (UN).
&#8226; Thousands have died and hundreds of thousands of km2 area
submerged under water. Houses, Infrastructure, Cattles, Shops, Offices,
Roads, etc have all been destroyed (UN &amp; Govt of Pak).
&#8226; Over 750,000 homes destroyed and Over 8,604 affected villages
as per conservative figures which are still adding up (Govt of Pak).

These 20 Million Muslims including children, the elderly and women,
are living out in the open mostly without any shelter or tents. <b>They are
faced, on the one hand, with very hot and humid weather and, on the other
hand, torrential rains. They have been stranded in flood waters for days
without clean drinking water or food. (UN)

In this blessed month of Ramadan, they are asking Allah for help.
They have no one but Allah and their Muslim brothers and sisters to look
forward to.
Please become the answer to their cries.
Please show generosity and brotherhood as our forefathers
Please feel their pain in YOUR heart as if they were a part
of your
Please try to replicate what Insar-e-Madina did.

Please come forward and help these Muslim brothers and sisters
devastated by a MASSIVE TRAGEDY in which TENS OF MILLIONS have LOST
EVERYTHING except their lives which are at stake now.

Manzoor Ahmed, who escaped from destroyed homes and flooded villages
in Sindh, said, &quot;It would have been better if we had died in the
floods as our current miserable life is so much painful.&quot;

We were able to escape the flood waters, but hunger may kill
us,&quot; said Hora Mai, 40, sitting on a rain-soaked road in Sukkur along
with hundreds of other people.
These are among the over 14 Million people who atleast escaped and
need food aid, there are still Over 6 Million stuck in the flood affected
areas who are facing IMMINENT DEATH need food aid, shelter, water,
medicines and rescue.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that Muslims are like
one body. If one part is hurt another cannot remain unaffected. He (PBUH)
also said one cannot become a Muslim till they like for their brothers (in
Islam) what they like for themselves.</b>

millatfacebook Relief Organisation (MRO)</b>:

millatfacebook facebook is launching millatfacebook Relief
Organization (MRO) which will help our Muslim brothers and sisters affected
by these floods. Today it is in Pakistan, tomorrow it can be elsewhere. MRO
will work on a permanent basis to help Muslims throughout the world,

Please donate generously and write &#8220;Flood Aid&#8221; with
donations. Every single penny will be spent on the aid of our Muslim
brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters, InshAllah. Please donate at:

<br /><a href="&#039;http://millatfacebook.com/donation/&#039;"
target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://millatfacebook.com/donation/</a>

Come forward and help &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;. Every
little count ...... even a 1.5 Litre water bottle can help save a life.
Show generosity and let us all together reignite the glory that was created
by Insar-e-Madina.

Please be generous and help those needing it most.

Pakistani Muslims Children, Women, Old and Young are calling you
.......... Please help YOUR Muslim brothers and sisters

Kind Regards,

Uniting Over 1.57 Billion Muslims & Peaceful People from other Religions
"The only Facebook Rival"

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