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Last week we began rolling out the new AdSense interface in beta to
all of our publishers, and wanted to let you know that it has been
enabled for your account. Inspired by direct feedback from you, our
publishers, the new interface includes features designed to help you
make more money with AdSense by giving you more actionable performance
data, offering you more control over the ads that appear on your
sites, and helping you manage your account more efficiently. The new
interface makes it easy to quickly see your earnings and payment
information, find relevant features, and make changes to your account.

In addition to a visual redesign of your AdSense account, some of the
new features include:

- More data: You can now run detailed performance reports by ad type,
ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and
other metrics by day, week, or month in addition to over a custom date

- Graphical performance reports: Quickly view earnings and other
reporting metrics in a graphical format. You can easily compare
performance over time and view metrics like impressions, clicks and
earnings all in one graph.

- Easier-to-use controls: You can find all of the ad controls,
including our revamped ad review center, in one place - under the
"Allow & block ads" tab. Additionally, you can now search for ads in
the ad review center by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network, and
choose to allow or block them.

- Integrated help and online resources: Easily find answers to your
questions when you need them, with a help box now appearing on every
page. You can also easily find updates and optimization tips on the
newly redesigned Resources page, which now includes feeds from the
Inside AdSense blog, videos from the YouTube channel, and tweets from

When you sign in to your AdSense account at
you'll see the current interface you're familiar with and a "Try the
new AdSense interface beta" link in the upper right-hand corner of
your screen. Clicking this link will bring you to the new interface.

Visit http://click.comms.doubleclick.com/?qs=962bace89df13488109a490f87289adaecf9db4a95316ebf1cb0b178648c4790
to check out our Getting Started guide, view our video series and
learn more about some of the features in the new interface.

Please keep in mind that certain features in the current AdSense
interface may not be available yet in the new version, and you can
switch between the two versions at any time. More information is
available at http://click.comms.doubleclick.com/?qs=962bace89df1348835cc60e68e169d0c7d60f48fa52fe087df2a94d252d6c274
and we'll be sure to announce any updates on this page.

If you need help with the new interface at any time, please visit


The Google AdSense Team

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announcement to update you about important changes to your AdSense
product or account.

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