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( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39964.993.4ud8gfC57 )

New - Give Multiple Users Access to Your Analytics

Do you have more than one person who'd like to get
access to your AddThis account? Well, we've recently
overhauled our system http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39965.993.4ud8gfC57
to make this possible.

Within your account settings
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39966.993.4ud8gfC57 )
you can easily grant access to as many users as you desire.
Try it and let us know what you think.

Additionally, we made it so you can log into your
account with your email address, Facebook ID,
Google ID or Open ID. This should make logging in even

Get Better Access to Your Analytics Data with New APIs

In the our last product release, we pushed a new API and
updated another that'll give you even better access to
your Analytics data...

Content Feed API ( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39967.993.4ud8gfC57 )
Allows you to easily create a feed of your top shared or trending
content on your site. This is great for a widget on the side of
your page to point your users to additional interesting content.

Analytics API ( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39968.993.4ud8gfC57 )
This API was updated to allow you to access to all the data that's
available via our Analytics Dashboard.

Anxious to hear what you think of the new APIs. Let us know
if there are other ways that we can give you better access to your

Download the New Version of AddThis for WordPress

We've recently launched version 2.0 of our AddThis for WordPress
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39969.993.4ud8gfC57 ) plugin. It's a
complete overhaul of the plug-in. Gives you full access to the
newest ways to share. Plus gives you more customization.
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=1675.39970.993.4ud8gfC57 )

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