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Subject: Google +1, AddThis for Mobile, and Viral Click Tracking for All!
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( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50397.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

Google +1, AddThis for Mobile and Viral Click
Tracking for All!

Launch Google +1 with AddThis in Seconds

Add the
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50399.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
Google +1 button to your website with just an
extra line of code. You'll get all the benefits of having
the button on your page plus you'll be able to track how
people use it through the
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50400.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

Get your Google +1 button now:
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50402.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

[Note: There's currently an outstanding issue with Google +1
and Internet Explorer. That's a bug set to be fixed soon.]

AddThis for Mobile

AddThis is making it easy to add the same great sharing and
analytics you're used to on the web to your Apple iOS
application, mobile website, and &ndash; soon &ndash; your
Android App.

If you already have AddThis on your mobile site, you don't
have to do a thing. If not --
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50404.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50405.993.2b6ZPFC7k -- it works

If you are interested in learning more, or in beta testing
Android SDK, visit http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50406.993.2b6ZPFC7k

Viral Click Tracking for All!

( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50407.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
allows you to measure the viral lift you get from social
sharing by appending a tag to your shared URLs. Click
tracking is hugely popular and has been deployed by over
half of our publishers since launching last year.

In the next two weeks, we&#39;ll be rolling out click tracking
as a default feature for all users. You don't have to do
anything and you'll start seeing click and viral lift data in you
analytics dashboard. If you want to opt-out, it's easy to turn off.

If you want to learn more, check out our post here:
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2197.50409.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

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