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[New] Track Copy and Paste Shares, Get Real-time Perspective with Live View

We've recently introduced several new features that make AddThis the first sharing platform to enable you to see all sharing activity occurring from your site in real-time.
  • Address Bar sharing analytics give you the ability to track URLs that have been sent via emails, IMs and to forums using copy/paste. This captures a whole new segment of sharing that we have found to be up to 10x that of using social buttons. You now get a larger picture of where your direct traffic is coming from and how your users are really sharing your content.

  • The new Live View dashboard displays shares and clicks as they are happening. You can even open up a map to see our Geo Live View, showing shares and clicks popping up in the geographical location that they are happening!

  • We've also launched the ability to track activity from native Facebook Like, Twitter tweet and Google +1 buttons. This is just the beginning of a larger analytics and data API push – stay tuned.

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