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( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68756.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

Add Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1 and more in
under a minute!

( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68742.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68745.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68744.993.2b6ZPFC7k and
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68746.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
Google +1 are becoming increasingly popular sharing services. AddThis makes it
easy for you to select the best versions and
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68747.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68748.993.2b6ZPFC7k Having
access to all the newest
sharing services and tools is just one advantage to using AddThis. Some other
advantages include:

All your Sharing Analytics in one place: We give you one easy dashboard to
compare how all of your different sharing services are impacting your traffic.
Understand not only what's being shared, but also what content is
driving traffic
and the interests of the audience that is driving that traffic - all
in real-time.

Automatic updates and changes: The world of social networks is constantly
changing. We update AddThis when APIs or other things happen and change
so you don't have to.

Capture 10X more sharing data via Address Bar Analytics

Update your configuration of AddThis to start capturing sharing occurring from
the address bar. It's easy and only takes a minute to
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68749.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

Social sharing plugins like AddThis drive increased traffic. But one
of the most
popular ways to share content is still good ol' copy and paste.
Whether you copy
and paste a URL into a social network, IM, email or even on an online forum,
those shares still generate a lot of traffic that you need to
understand and optimize.

"Address Bar Sharing Analytics allows us to easily discover content on our site
being shared outside of social networks." - KnowYourMeme

Get Facebook Send Using AddThis

We have also added the ability to get your Facebook Send using
AddThis. It only takes
a ( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68753.993.2b6ZPFC7k )
http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68752.993.2b6ZPFC7k to start
allowing your users
send direct messages to their Facebook friends from your site!
( http://e.addthis-news.com/l.jsp?d=2610.68751.993.2b6ZPFC7k )

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