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Dear Friend,
Good day.
I hope you will not mine me writing to you but a letter like this is
the most confidential and effective way to contact you.  My name is Mr
James Mulutu, son of Mr Peter Mulutu of  Zimbabwe . This might be a
surprise to you where I got your contact address; My Mother got your
mailing address from Republic Of Benin information Exchange in
Cotonou, she was looking for a reliable and trustworthy person who
will help us in this transaction.
During the  war against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supporters of
our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms to his
party members and his followers, he ordered all the white-owned
farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and his
followers. My Late Father Mr. Peter Mulutu was a very rich Zimbabwean
farmer who was  murdered in his farm by the War veterans who took over
his farm due to his support for the Matabeleland Movement for
Democratic Change ( MDC ). The MDC is the main opposition party in my
country Zimbabwe kicking against the wicked acts of Mr. Robert Mugabe,
the incumbent  President against the White farmers. As you may be
aware, President Robert Mugabe introduced new land reforms, which was
particularly not
favorable for the rich white farmers and few black farmers (my Father
After the death of my father, my mother, I and my younger sister fled
to Benin Republic of Cotonou,because we were secretly informed of his
plans to kill us. Later my mother Mrs. Sarah Mulutu was diagnosed with
breast cancer. We moved out from Zimbabwe with the documents of my
fathers funds deposited in a Security Company in Asia for safe
Keeping, ,the amount contained is US$30 Million (Thirty Million United
states dollars).He deposited the money in the security company as
Family funds which he intend to use in abroad, for safe-keeping,
banking and investment, because of economic instability in Africa.So
we decided to contact overseas Individual that will help to assist us
to invest this money and also help us to move  out of Benin Republic
of Cotonou ,because we are asylum seekers here in Benin Republic which
disqualifies us from operating an account or getting involved in any
financial transaction here in  Benin Republic of Cotonou .
We have agreed to give you from the total sum 40% for helping us to
receive this money to your country account and also assist us out of
Africa,  while 60% will be for my family to invest in your country
with your assistance.
If you are interested and will be sincere in helping us, kindly
furnish me with your personal phone numbers for easy communication and
your other details.You can contact me on our family Email address as
stated above.
Note that this transaction is 100% risk-free and it requires mutual
trust and absolute confidentiality. Note: what maters is the truth,
honesty,trustworthy, because this is all we have in our lives now as
we are suffering here without help.Your urgent response will be highly
appreciated in this regard.
Best regards,
James Mulutu (For the family).

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