teenagers today

yow men!
so many things that made me think about why Muslims in decline this day. it's trun out, the main reason is cause they doesn't know about their deen. Let's look.. to the teenagers today.. I say this as teenager, in their perspectif as well..

if someone ask you "do you know, superman?" or "spiderman?" or "batman?" or "pengamen?"
certainly, you'll say "yeah I do, I know them!"
but different story if you were asked "do you know, Mushab bin umair?" or "Abu Dzar?" or "Hamzah?"
there are 3 option, which maybe your answer (even if you're muslim):
[1] "I know the story 'bout them very well.." ( answer of  boarding school student)
[2] "I've heard 'bout them, but I don't know who they are.." (teenagers in general)
[3] "Huh?! who's they are -never heard 'bout them-.." ("-_-")

Well that is the fact, you know.. no kidding!

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