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4 Things You Can Learn from AddThis Analytics
The AddThis Analytics are an extremely useful
tool for Social Media Optimization. We want to
make sure you are taking advantage of the data
we provide you to really gauge your audience
and how they are interacting with your content.

* Tracking overall outbound shares and inbound
clicks back to your site. This not only helps you to
see what content and topics are resonating with your
users, but also encourages more frequent posting.

* Knowing which services are the most popular
among your audience. Are there other ways you can
increase your site or brand presence on that network?

* Using the Audience Analytics to help tailor your
content. You can plan articles around your users
interests as well as target ads to your influencers.

* Seeing what days of the week content is shared
the most. This can help you to plan the timing of
when certain articles get published.

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you with data that you need. Answer this quick survey
and help us build your dream product. We want to know
what you need to maximize your presence on the social
web. Take the survey now!
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