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Camera and More
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PlaceholderWelcome to the second edition of YouTube Broadcast!
YouTube Broadcast is a monthly newsletter devoted to cool stuff
happening on YouTube, from great videos that you just can't miss to
features that will help you create, watch and share videos you love.
Please send feedback by clicking on the link below and enjoy!

Check out some top trending videos:

YouTube is going Live
You can now check out the top live events happening on YouTube at
youtube.com/live. You can add scheduled live events to your calendar
or subscribe to your favorite YouTube live streaming partners to be
notified of upcoming live streams.

Create original videos -- no camera required!
With the beta launch of youtube.com/create, you can now use video
creation sites including Xtranormal, Stupeflix and GoAnimate to make
personal videos or animations and post them directly to YouTube. Who
needs a video camera to create a video....

Activity Sharing: Tell your friends what you're up to on YouTube
Share your favorite YouTube activities such as liking or uploading a
video with your Facebook or Twitter friends. You control what you
share and who you share with. Next time you upload a video, your
friends from your selected social networks will be notified

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